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Feb 25, 2014

Quilting Adventures?

So excited!!
Last week I posted on Facebook about how I MIGHT have bought a quilting kit. 
Ok. I did. 
And it arrived!!!

So many colors!!

Love them!!

Well, after I do my pre-wash THIS is what I have. 

Is this normal?!?
I can't find anywhere that says I wasn't supposed to wash the strips. 
I have been trimming and ironing for an hour now and all I have is this. 

Which is only a third of the strips. 

Some one please tell me if I have completely ruined my chances of making an amazing quilt. 

It's kind of depressing. 

I guess you only learn by trying.
I really hope I can keep this project alive and have something to show in the end. 

On a happier note I have been playing with leather again. Hope to have something to show soon!!


  1. Oh wow, hope it turns out alright... You can always get more fabric! :)

  2. There are some people who don't pre wash and some do. I'm sorry you lost some material. :-(. I always hand wash in very hot and line dry. I hope you can still make your quilt.

    1. Since this is my first REAL quilt attempt I think I will take this as a learning experience, salvage what I can, and see how it turns out :) I will definitely try your hot water approach next time!!