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Feb 2, 2014

Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds from this week that are worth sharing!


I am always looking for things to go on the walls. If you walked into my house right now you'd think I was a bachelor.  Plain.  Bare.  Boring.  THIS would be a fun easy way to add things to the walls...if I could get myself to commit!

This would be so much fun.  Paint the random colors, let dry, use painters tape to make chevron, paint over everything with white, then remove the tape! Tad-dah!

Who doesn't need more room to store things?!? What a great way to re-purpose something you may throw away.

I would LOVE to make something like this...I just need to buy the tools (and then not hurt myself trying to use them!)

THIS awesome circle tree skirt would be so much fun to make and so much easier to go with Christmas themes they trying to FIND on that sort of matches (maybe I had this problem last year.  I can't wait to try this one out!

I am so excited to make this bag...I can see an amazing Gym bag in my future!

A good burger is always top of my list.  I will pass on a 'plain burger' any day...but if you add character to it I will be first in line!

Any thing with the word Cheese in it will be pinned by me in .2 seconds!! These Cheesy Corn Cakes look like a wonderful addition to my lunch rotation!

This amazing wedding dress that has everything I would want.  Sleeves, empire waste, a little bling, and flows perfectly.

Babies Breath. Period. I want it everywhere.

Healthy Living:
Dr. Oz's 3 Day Cleanse.  I do not know the specific details about this cleanse, only what I found on a The Happy Homemaker.  But she made it sound so easy and I am in need of a major reset.  I will be trying this real soon.

The Zone Diet.  I am an avid cross fitter...I love it.  I have always been active so this is a way for me to use my athletic ability to stay fit and to continue to compete in a way that pushes me to do my best.  This diet is something that is popular among the cross fit communities and I try and follow it as much as possible.


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