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Feb 1, 2014

Antique Crafting

A few weeks ago I was able to find some time in my Sunday to hang with my Daddy at the Antique roadshow they held about 30 miles from my house.  My Dad's mother was always into antiques, and my Dad used to help her man their booth when she couldn't attend.  After she passed my dad couldn't get rid of her things and for about 7 or so years now he has been holding on to them in their basement (along with the things that so magically keep showing up from ebay that my dad swears he will sell one day).  This past year he and my mom jokingly talked about how they were going to have to move out of the hosue before the antiques started pushing them out...and decided it was time for Dad to actually sell some things.  So, long story short, he entered the Antique show and I went and visited.  I had an absolute blast turning a scheduled 1 hour trip into 4.5 hours of people watching and walking laps around and around the open building looking at all the treasures.  My mind was on Pinterest overload and I HAD to buy something.  Well, I ended up with an old antique window and some 1940's flash cards.

Left Brain says "Yo, Right Brain, what the heck are you going to do with these? We all know they are going to sit propped up against a wall or in a pile on the table no attempt at doing anything just don't have it in you."

Right Brain says "Watch and learn!"

And with that I created a chalkboard creation for my kitchen along with 6 pieces of wall art to hang throughout the house (please ignore the photo quality they are from my phone and sometimes it doesn't like to cooperate).

I think they turned out pretty well after a few hickups.  I think I am going to try and find some thing to go on either side of the chalkboard because it seems a tad random just hanging up there all alone.

And the wall art IS sitting in a pile on the table because I haven't yet figured out how to use them.  Do I put them all together on one wall, not really saying much, but just looking cool?  Do I find photos to go with each word and hang them through out the house?

Input is very welcome!!

Once I finally pull the trigger and drill holes in the wall I'll post some updated pictures.


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