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Feb 25, 2014

Quilting Adventures?

So excited!!
Last week I posted on Facebook about how I MIGHT have bought a quilting kit. 
Ok. I did. 
And it arrived!!!

So many colors!!

Love them!!

Well, after I do my pre-wash THIS is what I have. 

Is this normal?!?
I can't find anywhere that says I wasn't supposed to wash the strips. 
I have been trimming and ironing for an hour now and all I have is this. 

Which is only a third of the strips. 

Some one please tell me if I have completely ruined my chances of making an amazing quilt. 

It's kind of depressing. 

I guess you only learn by trying.
I really hope I can keep this project alive and have something to show in the end. 

On a happier note I have been playing with leather again. Hope to have something to show soon!!

Feb 24, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

What a weekend!!

If you didn't know, I play a little kickball every once and a while.
Fun.  Friends.  Beer.  Sun.  Exercise.
It's the best combo ever.


This past weekend the LRKA hosted Chili With a Kick benefiting Youth Home.
Chili.  Kickball.  Fun.  Friends.  Beer.  Sun.  Exercise.
See...just add Chili and you have the best charity event ever invented.

I ended up playing 5 games in the span of 8 hours.
Can't Move.
Too Old.

We came in 3rd place and had a blast. Luckily I got to be on the same team as some of my great friends!

Ryan, Me, Mikey

That, my friends, is why I didn't get to do much creating this weekend.
Because I spent yesterday and today trying to recover from being old.

I did however receive an AMAZING canvas print from Derick's mom.

She stumbled upon an app on your phone that will turn pictures in to 'water color' paintings.
She did one of my sweet Pepe and had Cosco put it on canvas!
It is so awesome I just have to find somewhere to hang it (along with the antique post cards and kitchen posters that are still sitting in a pile on the table).
Apparently I have a problem with commitment + nails + walls.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll leave you with a picture of some of the cheapest pieces of fabric I've ever purchased (Joann's + Coupons + Luck).

I have a great idea for them I just have to find the time to do it.

Until we meet again!

Feb 21, 2014

February's #SewCrazyChallenge

I have been slowly working on this challenge all month.  Unlike last month where I finished it in 1 day...I wanted to make this one last.  I learned new things and practiced old skills.

February's challenge was for the Home.  There were multiple options...a set of pillows, some oven mitts, or a bean bag.

As soon as I saw the pillow challenge it reminded me of a Pin I found on Pinterest for inspiration and thought it would be PERFECT!  THIS is the inspiration pin and here is my pillow.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I boughr multiple colors of fringe, cut each tassel off and then re-attached them all together in an alternating pattern.  

I know there was a better way to execute this but I feel the end product was pretty darn good.  

Pepe sure thinks its the best pillow she's seen lately!

As for the other pillow with ruffles, I wasn't able to find a Wool Fleece mixture at any of my local fabric stores so decided I'd grab a few fat quarters and make the heart shaped oven mitt.  

I have used attempted bias tape before and after I was done I KNEW I was doing it wrong.  After doing some research I came across this amazing tutorial and was so excited I had a project to try it with.  Not only was I going to sew on bias tape 'correctly' but I was going to make my own!!! DanaMadeIt has another tutorial on her blog on how you can easily make bias tape out of 1/2 yard of fabric.

3 bias tape makers later...I DID IT!  This has opened so many doors for me I can just tell.

I love how I was able to match the colors perfectly.  There are a couple of hiccups around the tip of the heart but I know with more practice it will only get better.

I already have a project in mind to get more practice.  So many things going on in my brain...I just have to do one at a time!

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the #sewcrazychallenge and make sure you stay tuned for next month's! I can barely contain myself...

I'm horrible at this patience thing.

Feb 19, 2014

My Top 10 Recipes

I hope I haven't made a promise I can't keep.

I got really excited after talking to Derick about my post for today. 

My top 10...in the history of ever.

Then, after really thinking about it, I hope I didn't get everyone excited for a few dinky recipes that make only Derick and I happy.  You know...one of those 'Womp Womp' moments.

Either way, here are 10 recipes that are close to my heart, and that also make my taste buds dance.

In no particular order...because coming up with just 10 was hard enough!


1.  BBQ Cups by Mom
BBQ. Enough said. Add some cheese and its even better!!

2.  Sausage & Rice by Mom
I make this as comfort food. It was the first thing I ever made for Derick, so if you ever ask him his favorite thing I cook this one always comes up.  Its a staple dinner for sure.

3.  Taco Soup by Mom
So simple, so filling, so amazing.  Leftovers are even better!

4.  White Chicken Chili by Mom
This is always a huge hit, so much so that I've been offered money to make a batch to deliver to my gym trainer!

5.  Hot Wing Sauce by "Google".  
I have no idea where I got this from, it's been a long time!  We haven't actually made this in a while...now that the weather is getting warm I'm feeling some wings in my future.

6.  Slow cooked Pork Carnitas by Skinny Taste
I add pineapple and mozzarella to the taco and it is amazing.

7.  Spinach Lasagna Rolls by Skinny Taste
I would suggest adding some quartered cherry tomatoes.  Maybe even roast them a little before hand.

8.  Avocado, Mozzarella and Bruschetta Chicken by IowaGirlEats
Just the title says enough about this one.

9.  Poppyseed Glazed Ham Sandwich by AgirlandAgluegun
I made this last night. I can't even explain what this glaze did to the sandwich bun. It was to die for.

10. Sweet Basil & Oregano Bruschetta Chicken by McCormick
Funny thing, this is actually a seasoning packet you can buy next to the taco seasoning.  I grabbed it as a quick meal one day and it turned out to be a massive hit.  I roasted quartered cherry tomatoes, whipped up some noodles and added the chicken.  Yum.

I'd love to hear some of your favorite recipes...I am always looking for things to add to the list!

Feb 18, 2014

Book Review: Unspoken Bond by Blake O'Conner

"University of Texas senior David Hess doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s been skipping school, getting into fights, his grades slip to barely passing, and he has broken up with his fiancĂ©e. After he rescues an abandoned dog on a lonely stretch of country back road, things start to look up–that is until he is blindsided by a crippling tragedy. Along his journey to recovery, a girl he met by chance keeps haunting his dreams and his thoughts. 

But there’s a problem–he doesn’t even know her name.

Emma Mendoza is lamenting her turn in life: almost divorced, lousy job, no family, and no one to share her life with. She sits alone in her apartment thinking about her upcoming deployment, and about a boy she met. Who is he? Where is he? Why can’t she stop thinking about him?

And so begins a story about the love of two people transcending time and tragedy, and about the love of a dog that will never be forgotten…

“Smooth, fluid prose, with a strong emotional hook,” says a judge of a major metropolitan writing contest. Unspoken Bond is an award-winning, heart-warming story about how one unselfish act can have far reaching and lifelong consequences. It’s a celebration of the unspoken bond between a man and his dog, and the timeless bond between two people, held together by a whisper of a touch."

When I first started reading this book I was preparing myself for a heart wrenching story of man and dog that would involve a lot of tears and tissues. I almost talked myself out of reading it due to how close it might hit home.   I am so glad I let myself take this journey with the author as he wrote a wonderful story about human love and lose, and canine love and lose. 

This book was formatted with three parts, which I think was a great way to show the different times of David's life. The way the author set up the story starting out in the present, then going back in time, helps to take you through the most important and life changing moments of the characters. This also allowed for the reader to feel as if they we reliving the story right there in the living room with David telling the story.  Reminds me of the times my Grandpa tells stories that take us back in to WWII.

I would recommend this book to any one that has a dog who has impacted their lives in some form or fashion. Along with a wonderful story about David and his pooch, you get to experience a once in a life time and unquie story about "love at first site". The ups and downs of this story come at just the right time to keep a reader engaged all the way to the end. 

Thank you Blake for giving your readers the chance to enjoy such a wonderful book. 

Rating: 4 stars

Feb 17, 2014

Weekend Update

Happy Monday!

...wait...are Monday's ever happy...

Anyways, how was your weekend? I had a lot of things to catch up on as far as house work is concerned.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, reading, crafting, sleeping, movie watching, etc.  Oh the joys of attempting to be a grown up!

As you could see by my previous post, that my crafting weekend didn't really happen as planned.  I didn't get to work on my challenge submission but I did get a little done on Mr Dino.  He now officially has spikes! This process is definitely getting easier for me, it didn't take me long to knock these out!

Here are a few things I have learned a few things a long the way:

1. This is not a fast process. Taking time to mark where stitches go is WORTH IT.
3. Check your bobbin regularly, or you may end up stitching an entire "quilt block" just to turn around a redo it.

A few other things to add to my accomplishments this weekend:

I made THIS recipe but substituted blue berries for cranberries.  We love it and I love having easy access to breakfast.  Grab-n-go is key!

I finished reading Unspoken Bond.  Don't miss my review coming soon.  Also, follow me on Good Reads if you want to keep up with my reading!

Finally I got to spend time with my handsome nephew, who also happens to be a 2/12 year old future baseball star.  Just saying :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you are in to sewing, make sure you stop by Kimbo's blog...it's her blog's 4th birthday and she is giving away some fabric!!

Feb 15, 2014


I have been so excited about finishing up February's sew challenge. I decided I was going to make my own bias tape to up the difficulty and also personalize the project a little more. I found an amazing tutorial but wasn't able to find the correct size bias tape maker. No worries! My slight addiction to Amazon was going to save me! I ordered the maker and patiently waited...and waited.

Alas! It arrived on Thursday!

I have had a very busy week and haven't had a chance to get some sewing in so I was extremely excited about using my Saturday to finish up the challenge!!

I pull out the iron. RIP open the tape maker, put my fabric into the correct side and UUGGH! It's the wrong size!!!

How did this happen?!

Talk about a slap in the face. I not only have a tape maker that's the wrong size, but I also can't return it and can't do anything with my project.

What a downer!

I have ordered the correct size from Amazon but it won't be here until Wednesday.  The waiting is goin to kill me. 

I may just tackle the Dino quilt to say I've done SOMETHING productive this weekend. 

Have you ever bought the wrong thing only to hault your productivity?  Did you throw your hands in the air and give up or find something else to do?

I hope my defeated feeling subsides and I can get off the couch.  We will see!

Feb 14, 2014


Bloglovin is what I have been looking for my whole life!

I'm Obsessed.

I have always been a blog reader and have never really found a centralized place that I like to read them.  There is even a plug-in for Chrome that tells me when there are new things to read!

This is going to be the death of me.  Like I need more blogs to read.

Either way, I thought I'd share the list of blogs I currently read (mostly crafting blogs) and if you have any of your own please share!!!

Recipes / Healthy Living


Crafting / Sewing


Everyday Life

Also, please follow me if you decide to join bloglovin!

Also, Happy Valentines Day!!!

Feb 13, 2014

Homemade Gift!

I recently celebrated my "Dirty 30" with some of my most favorite people in the whole world.  I wanted to share with you a homemade gift that I received from one of my best friends.  I know she was so excited to give it to me, she even said she wanted to make one for herself.  

She pieced 4 boards together to form a frame.  Then hammered random bottle caps all along the frame.

As you can see she framed a piece of card stock, then glued adorable lettering to the outside of the glass.

She then simply hung them with screw hooks from the inside of the frame at different levels.

This is a piece that I have thoroughly enjoyed having in my living room and it couldn't be any more obvious that it came from the heart.

Feb 12, 2014

Crafting with Leather Scraps

Recently I stumbled upon this post by The Sewing Rabbit (follow her, shes amazing) and knew this was something I wanted to attempt.  I used to have a very large amount jewelry making supplies (that eventually were sold in a garage sale) but I held on to a few things.  I rummaged through my craft boxes box and found my pliers and wire cutter.

While I am not a huge fan of Valentine's day or hearts (I know I'm weird) I still following the general idea of the tutorial just made some adjustments on the shape.  This my friends is where my SEC College Football fan came out and I created this.

A Leather Geometric Razorback!!

I simply searched Google for outlines of the shape, traced it onto a leather scrap I found at Michael s, and created the geometric shapes just as Jess's tutorial suggested.  My sister fell in love and asked for one for herself.  At least I know my sister loves my college spirit.

I'd think you could do this with any shape it would be adorable.

I even ventured out and created a little more of an edgy necklace with the green leather scrap I had and I LOVE IT!  I am such a huge fan of costume jewelry I know this will get a lot of wear.   (excuse my Arkansas necklace, it is something I wear all the time and I didn't even realize I had it on in this picture.)

Next will be attempting this amazing cuff idea I found on Pinterest. I think I could get used to this leather crafting...it is a lot of fun!

One question, out of curiosity, when someone compliments something you've made...do you automatically say 'Thanks! I made it!' or do you wait until they ask where you got it from.  I have never been sure how to approach this question without sounds so eager to tell someone I made it.

Feb 11, 2014

Childhood memories

I thought I'd share some of my creative child memories.

My grandma was the one who introduced me to sewing & cooking.  My mom was an only child and to this day loathes even the thought of sewing.  She picked up the cooking interest once she got married, but I feel like the creative gene was passed on to me for the most part (at least I like to tell myself I'm crafty...trying is better than nothing right?).

1.  Cabbage Page Clothes
I clearly remember my first cabbage patch doll outfit I made.  It was a blue and white dress with ruffled sleeves.  It was the very first thing I made by myself.  I followed the pattern and everything. I was probably around 8 or 9.  This is what my memory brings up:

Except mine didn't have bloomers and my doll was way cuter :)

2.  Old Fashioned Dress made by hand.
In 6th grade when we had to do a play in drama and I was cased as an extra.  Believe me, this is where you wanted me.  Either that or back stage...way far from any kind of acting.  In this roll I had to wear a dress that fit into the 'old fashioned southern belle' theme.  I can't remember exactly what the play was, but I remember I was the only one that had a hand made, self designed, dress that my grandma made.  I remember helping her with bits a pieces and was so excited to show it off.  It looked something like this (color and all).

3.  French Toast.
Grandma and Grandpa's was the place to be if you loved french toast.  She would make it every morning and he would put loads of powdered sugar on top for us.  I remember the day she decided I was going to be the one to cook breakfast when I came to visit.  It is still a recipe I remember by heart and love to treat the boyf every once in a while when he has a sweet tooth.

Grandma's French Toast Recipe

She did not ever use measurements, just pours, pinches, and dabs.

You take eggs, milk, and vanilla and mix them in a bowl.  I always do about 3 eggs to a nice pour of milk and a drop of vanilla.

Take a few slices of bread and cut them in triangles.  Dip them in the egg mixture, both sides, and place them in a frying pan that you have pre-heated with a dab of butter.

Brown on one side before you flip to the other.  You want the it to be toasty not soggy.  This takes practice on knowing how hot to get the pan, how much to soak the bread, and how long to cook.  Practice makes perfect.

Continue until all bread is used. Throw any left over eggs in the pan and whip up some vanilla scrambled eggs.  You would be surprised how tasty they are.

Serve it all with a dash of powdered sugar on top and syrup to taste.

What are some of your childhood memories? I'd love to hear about them!!

Feb 10, 2014

Sunday Funday

Not a whole lot going on yesterday, just a few trips to the craft store and a couple attempts at a few projects.  Nothing is finished so I don't have much to show.  I'll just give you quick glance at some things I bought and you can use your imagination.

(sorry the picture is blurry, not sure what is up with my camera)

I'll leave you with a few of my Favorite Finds this week.  Until next time!

1.  This tutorial which also has THIS tutorial.  I used both today and am excited for my end result

2.  I am absolutely in love with this idea...hits the above purchases!

3.  I can't wait to attempt my own version of this.  I've been looking for simple wall art that will make a statement.

4.  I'm in love with all braids, so this twist on the french braid really has be excited for an occasion to try it!

5.  This cause it makes me laugh :)  

Feb 9, 2014

Sneak Peak...

Not much going on around the house this weekend, just relaxing and enjoying the snow day!

I am so glad I was able to make it to the craft store yesterday before it hit...otherwise I'd be having a long boring day.

Since yesterday's post about my quilting issues, I purchased normal cotton thread and Mr. Dino officially has a tail, a head, and four feet!!  So glad I didn't give up.

Other than playing quilt, I have started thinking about my submission to the February Challenge!  I don't want to give away too much so I'll just you a sneak peak at my fabrics and you will have to wait on the final product.  I am actual doing two of the ideas because I just couldn't decide!

Stay tuned for a tutorial!

Feb 8, 2014

Quilting...or should I say trying to...

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This thing they call quilting...it's not easy!!

I came up with the idea to make my nephew a quilt after I found that my sewing projects were being completed in one day. I was wishing I had a large project to work on. Something that would keep me from going to Joann's everyday (ha! Ya right). 

After tons of research I chose to do a rag quilt...shaped like a Dino. I mean what 2 year old boy doesn't want a Dino quilt right??

I chose my fabric and got to cutting! (that's supposed to be blue but no matter the light it looks grey)

Once I got all the pieces cut out I was so excited to actually start sewing!  Little did I know I'd have to use my handy seem ripper so much. So much so that I have almost given up. 

This is what is happening to the under side (I sewed in a towel to try and show you better)

I keep getting all these loops!  I spent about 1.5hrs yesterday doing research and trying everything that was suggested. Top thread tension, bobbin tension, dirty bobbin holder, re-thread the machine, new needle, etc. Nothing has worked. 

Finally I decided that I was going to try regular Cotten thread instead of the suggested embroidery thread. I went to Joann's this afternoon to get some (along with the goodies to start on the February challenge) and hope to try this tonight. 

If this doesn't work I'm not sure what else to do. Have you ever had this problem? How do I stick to it without giving up...believe me...I'm close. 

Wish me luck!

Feb 7, 2014

Book Reviews

In my past, reading used to be the death of me.  I not only couldn't STAND reading, it actually used to literally make me nauseous to read.  Assigned books in school were never read, text books were only used for examples or study questions, and reading for fun was NEVER in my vocabulary.

Once I graduated college and joined the computer nerds work force I found that reading was done for pleasure.  Like "reading a book a night" pleasure.  I just didn't understand it.  For years I said "reading gives me a head ache", "I can't ever find anything I like", "why would you want to do that for fun".

Finally in 2011 (which you can see from some of my older blog posts) I stumbled upon Chick Lit Plus.  It is a web site that specifically caters to the chick lit genre of reading.  When I did this, I stumbled upon the 2011 Reading Challenge and just KNEW this was going to be my way to get into ready.

With this challenge I started following blogs and I joined Good Reads to keep track of what I had completed and what I wanted to read.  Also at this time I tried to start a blog (Reading Rambling & Recipes) because I was so engulfed in the reading blogs I wanted to have my own.

Eventually, I received a book in the mail and to my shock I was being asked to do a book review!  How freaking awesome was this!! I was being asked to read new books and post my opinions!

Sadly my blog got pushed to the way side a few months later and I fell off of the radar for reviews, but I never stopped reading.  I purchased a Nook Color in 2012 and when it pooped out I got a Kindle Paper White (which I LOVE).

Since I have recently jumped back into the blog world (and plan to stay here this time) I decided to open my doors back up to doing book reviews.  I am not sure if this falls into the scope of "right brain" but I just can't pass up the idea of discovering new authors and helping them break into the massive world of reading.

And guess what?! Within 2 days of this blog being back up I have already been contacted by The Cadence Group to review an up and comping book by Debra McKenna.  I am so excited to receive it in the mail and get to reading.

Have you ever done a book review? Do you have a book you want reviewed?  What type of genres do you gravitate towards?  Feel free to reach out I'd love to talk books...

Feb 6, 2014

Homemade Fabric Coasters

Since I got my sewing machine I have been pinning and pinning and pinning....and pinning on Pinterest all the Things I want to Sew.  I don't know how to keep up...I just want to do it all...right now!!  One of the things I pinned looked to be a great thing for me to practice corners on, and would be a great addition to the house. Our current coasters were paper/cardboard and were to the point of buckling causing cups drinks to not sit flat anymore.

So...I took on this awesome tutorial by Purl Bee.

This was my first trip to the fabric store where I was looking for fat sixteenths.  When I first came across this term I had no idea what it meant...I definitely had to do some googling and came across this wonderful explanation of quilting terms.  I also found out that most places have already cut fat quarters for you to buy!  Tons and tons of them...which made my choice of fabric extremely hard.

The 'quick trip' to the store turned into 1.5 hours.  The boyf text me all worried and I had to explain I literally got sucked into the fabric choices. (and I continue to do that every time I walk into the fabric area...its fun...lots of fun).

Anyways, after some messed up squares and tweeking of corner cutting and angles, I finally came out with some new coasters that everyone loves.

I love that the middle is fabric, but still sturdy enough to keep the cup from tipping over.  The felt is also a great absorbent fabric and doesn't start buckling the second moisture hits it.

I am definitely going to add this to my list of home made gifts I can do for family and friends. Functional gifts are always my favorite.

Feb 5, 2014

Epic Craft Fail + Traveling

I arrived in Starkville Mississippi for a recruiting event last night.  It was sleeting/snowing/icing (whatever you want to call it) all the way from home to about 2/3 the way to Starkville.  I am already an extremely nervous driver so having all of the 18-wheelers around me going extremely fast made it a very intense drive.

So, I picked up some of these (best invention ever) and went to have some beer dinner...which helped calm the nerves.

So...on to my Epic Craft Fail.  In one of my earlier posts I showed you my chalkboard creation and talked about how I needed some more art to put around it.  So, I found these amazing prints on Etsy last week and decided to Mod Podge the paper to a canvas and see how it turned out.


 My very first attempt went straight into the trash due to me trying to get rid of the bubbles in the paper and ended up ripping the entire thing in half.

I slowly got a little better with placement but the bubbles never went away...it is definitely a trashed craft and I'll have to start over from point A.  At least I can still print out the pages and use them a different way.

Do you have any Mod Podge tips?  How do you keep the bubbles out without creasing or tearing the paper?

Feb 4, 2014

I want to...

So, I'm in the middle of a time in my life where I am wanting to do EVERYTHING.  i just turned 30 so I'm sure this is a normal thing but I just can't seem to focus on one thing.  I want to continue my work as a programmer, I want to get married, I want to have babies, I want to be a stay at home mom, I want to be a blogger, I want to have a huge house with a massive craft room, I want to be rich (who doesn't)...I could go on forever.

In the midst of all of this 'I want to...' talk I was researching the possibility of taking some sort of online degree/certificate for sewing.  I really want to be able to make real things and possibly do some tailoring on the side.  I know I can do the construction part, the sewing part, the following directions part...I am logical, this part comes easy.  My problem is the design part. The right side of the brain part.  So I thought just learning skills, and not necessarily signing up to DESIGN, would be fun.

I have looked at Penn Foster Career School and at Stratford Career Institute.  They both seem like they would get me pointed in the right directions but it is very nerve racking to sign up for distance learning when I don't really know anyone that has completed the courses.

Then I stumbled upon Craftsy.  They have so many classes that you can choose from, and the prices seem more reasonable for me at this time.

So I did it.

I signed up for two classes.

Sew Ready: Garment Basics & Sewing with Knits.

I am so excited to start on this adventure in sewing and really hope to start learning things that will be valuable down the road.

While we are talking sewing, below are some of my favorite sewing blogs (in no particular order) that have some wonderful tutorials!  And by no means are these ALL the blogs I follow...just a few of my favorites.  If you have any you follow let me know! I always enjoy adding to the reading collection...

Feb 3, 2014

Mexican + Super Bowl

Hey! How was your weekend?  Mine went by WAY to fast as usual.

My old roommate came back in town for the weekend so Saturday night we tried a new dinner spot called The Fold.  She was in the mood for Mexican and this place hit that spot!  We ordered a Blood Orange margarita (or 3) and tried out their 3 Taco plate.  I went with one shrimp, one fish, and one pork.  All were delish but my favorite was by far the pork one.  It reminded me of my Carnita tacos that my boyf just absolutely LOVES!  I'd say mine were better because avocado is involved, and when avocado is involved how is it not the best thing you've ever put in your mouth?!  I'll have to make them soon so that I can share the recipe!

Of course we stayed out late so the next day was spent sleeping and resting up for the Super Bowl fun Sunday evening.  We headed to a friends house and I cooked 4 different things!!  I absolutely LOVE making party foods so any reason to do so puts me in an amazing mood.  The boyf played video games so any reason he gets to do that puts HIM in a good mood...so all was well with the world.

When party food is needed I always head over to one of my most favorite recipe blogs to see what she has and of course I found 2 amazing recipes.  I found another on Pinterest and the last one is a staple that is courtesy of one of my friends.

Before I call it a day, I'll share with you the 4 lucky recipes I chose and were a hit at the party:

It was amazing.  Only problem is I have so much left over!!

What an amazing little finger food.  They were a huge hit and we were afraid of getting full just on these!  Only issue I had was the the recommended 1tbs of batter per muffin was a little much.  You couldn't see the little hot dogs in the middle so they just looked like Cornbread muffins.

What a great idea.  However, mine didn't cook all the way through.  It was really good along the outside edges but the middle was still extremely raw.  I have made a version of this before but it TOOK FOR EVER to prep.  You actually roll up a cube of mozzarella and a pepperoni into each piece of bread.  It turned out amazing but I just didn't have the time yesterday to do that.  I think if I ever do this again I will just take the time...it was worth the end product.

4.  Corn Dip

This is always the star of every show.  It never makes it home.  This is a recipe that one of my friends gave to me and it is the one and only thing the boyf takes to potlucks.  It's amazing and easy enough for him to do.

1 can corn
1 can mexi corn
1 small can green chilies
1 can rotel
1 package cream chese
1 tsp of cumin
1 tsp chili powder
1tsp garlic powder

Just combine it all and heat in the microwave until cream cheese is melted.

Serve with favorite dip chip

Feb 2, 2014

Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds from this week that are worth sharing!


I am always looking for things to go on the walls. If you walked into my house right now you'd think I was a bachelor.  Plain.  Bare.  Boring.  THIS would be a fun easy way to add things to the walls...if I could get myself to commit!

This would be so much fun.  Paint the random colors, let dry, use painters tape to make chevron, paint over everything with white, then remove the tape! Tad-dah!

Who doesn't need more room to store things?!? What a great way to re-purpose something you may throw away.

I would LOVE to make something like this...I just need to buy the tools (and then not hurt myself trying to use them!)

THIS awesome circle tree skirt would be so much fun to make and so much easier to go with Christmas themes they trying to FIND on that sort of matches (maybe I had this problem last year.  I can't wait to try this one out!

I am so excited to make this bag...I can see an amazing Gym bag in my future!

A good burger is always top of my list.  I will pass on a 'plain burger' any day...but if you add character to it I will be first in line!

Any thing with the word Cheese in it will be pinned by me in .2 seconds!! These Cheesy Corn Cakes look like a wonderful addition to my lunch rotation!

This amazing wedding dress that has everything I would want.  Sleeves, empire waste, a little bling, and flows perfectly.

Babies Breath. Period. I want it everywhere.

Healthy Living:
Dr. Oz's 3 Day Cleanse.  I do not know the specific details about this cleanse, only what I found on a The Happy Homemaker.  But she made it sound so easy and I am in need of a major reset.  I will be trying this real soon.

The Zone Diet.  I am an avid cross fitter...I love it.  I have always been active so this is a way for me to use my athletic ability to stay fit and to continue to compete in a way that pushes me to do my best.  This diet is something that is popular among the cross fit communities and I try and follow it as much as possible.

Feb 1, 2014

Antique Crafting

A few weeks ago I was able to find some time in my Sunday to hang with my Daddy at the Antique roadshow they held about 30 miles from my house.  My Dad's mother was always into antiques, and my Dad used to help her man their booth when she couldn't attend.  After she passed my dad couldn't get rid of her things and for about 7 or so years now he has been holding on to them in their basement (along with the things that so magically keep showing up from ebay that my dad swears he will sell one day).  This past year he and my mom jokingly talked about how they were going to have to move out of the hosue before the antiques started pushing them out...and decided it was time for Dad to actually sell some things.  So, long story short, he entered the Antique show and I went and visited.  I had an absolute blast turning a scheduled 1 hour trip into 4.5 hours of people watching and walking laps around and around the open building looking at all the treasures.  My mind was on Pinterest overload and I HAD to buy something.  Well, I ended up with an old antique window and some 1940's flash cards.

Left Brain says "Yo, Right Brain, what the heck are you going to do with these? We all know they are going to sit propped up against a wall or in a pile on the table no attempt at doing anything crafty...you just don't have it in you."

Right Brain says "Watch and learn!"

And with that I created a chalkboard creation for my kitchen along with 6 pieces of wall art to hang throughout the house (please ignore the photo quality they are from my phone and sometimes it doesn't like to cooperate).

I think they turned out pretty well after a few hickups.  I think I am going to try and find some thing to go on either side of the chalkboard because it seems a tad random just hanging up there all alone.

And the wall art IS sitting in a pile on the table because I haven't yet figured out how to use them.  Do I put them all together on one wall, not really saying much, but just looking cool?  Do I find photos to go with each word and hang them through out the house?

Input is very welcome!!

Once I finally pull the trigger and drill holes in the wall I'll post some updated pictures.