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Feb 12, 2014

Crafting with Leather Scraps

Recently I stumbled upon this post by The Sewing Rabbit (follow her, shes amazing) and knew this was something I wanted to attempt.  I used to have a very large amount jewelry making supplies (that eventually were sold in a garage sale) but I held on to a few things.  I rummaged through my craft boxes box and found my pliers and wire cutter.

While I am not a huge fan of Valentine's day or hearts (I know I'm weird) I still following the general idea of the tutorial just made some adjustments on the shape.  This my friends is where my SEC College Football fan came out and I created this.

A Leather Geometric Razorback!!

I simply searched Google for outlines of the shape, traced it onto a leather scrap I found at Michael s, and created the geometric shapes just as Jess's tutorial suggested.  My sister fell in love and asked for one for herself.  At least I know my sister loves my college spirit.

I'd think you could do this with any shape it would be adorable.

I even ventured out and created a little more of an edgy necklace with the green leather scrap I had and I LOVE IT!  I am such a huge fan of costume jewelry I know this will get a lot of wear.   (excuse my Arkansas necklace, it is something I wear all the time and I didn't even realize I had it on in this picture.)

Next will be attempting this amazing cuff idea I found on Pinterest. I think I could get used to this leather is a lot of fun!

One question, out of curiosity, when someone compliments something you've you automatically say 'Thanks! I made it!' or do you wait until they ask where you got it from.  I have never been sure how to approach this question without sounds so eager to tell someone I made it.

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  1. I would definitely say "Thanks! I made it!" -- it's something to be proud of and show off!

    <3, kate.