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Feb 6, 2014

Homemade Fabric Coasters

Since I got my sewing machine I have been pinning and pinning and pinning....and pinning on Pinterest all the Things I want to Sew.  I don't know how to keep up...I just want to do it all...right now!!  One of the things I pinned looked to be a great thing for me to practice corners on, and would be a great addition to the house. Our current coasters were paper/cardboard and were to the point of buckling causing cups drinks to not sit flat anymore.

So...I took on this awesome tutorial by Purl Bee.

This was my first trip to the fabric store where I was looking for fat sixteenths.  When I first came across this term I had no idea what it meant...I definitely had to do some googling and came across this wonderful explanation of quilting terms.  I also found out that most places have already cut fat quarters for you to buy!  Tons and tons of them...which made my choice of fabric extremely hard.

The 'quick trip' to the store turned into 1.5 hours.  The boyf text me all worried and I had to explain I literally got sucked into the fabric choices. (and I continue to do that every time I walk into the fabric area...its fun...lots of fun).

Anyways, after some messed up squares and tweeking of corner cutting and angles, I finally came out with some new coasters that everyone loves.

I love that the middle is fabric, but still sturdy enough to keep the cup from tipping over.  The felt is also a great absorbent fabric and doesn't start buckling the second moisture hits it.

I am definitely going to add this to my list of home made gifts I can do for family and friends. Functional gifts are always my favorite.


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