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Feb 21, 2014

February's #SewCrazyChallenge

I have been slowly working on this challenge all month.  Unlike last month where I finished it in 1 day...I wanted to make this one last.  I learned new things and practiced old skills.

February's challenge was for the Home.  There were multiple options...a set of pillows, some oven mitts, or a bean bag.

As soon as I saw the pillow challenge it reminded me of a Pin I found on Pinterest for inspiration and thought it would be PERFECT!  THIS is the inspiration pin and here is my pillow.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I boughr multiple colors of fringe, cut each tassel off and then re-attached them all together in an alternating pattern.  

I know there was a better way to execute this but I feel the end product was pretty darn good.  

Pepe sure thinks its the best pillow she's seen lately!

As for the other pillow with ruffles, I wasn't able to find a Wool Fleece mixture at any of my local fabric stores so decided I'd grab a few fat quarters and make the heart shaped oven mitt.  

I have used attempted bias tape before and after I was done I KNEW I was doing it wrong.  After doing some research I came across this amazing tutorial and was so excited I had a project to try it with.  Not only was I going to sew on bias tape 'correctly' but I was going to make my own!!! DanaMadeIt has another tutorial on her blog on how you can easily make bias tape out of 1/2 yard of fabric.

3 bias tape makers later...I DID IT!  This has opened so many doors for me I can just tell.

I love how I was able to match the colors perfectly.  There are a couple of hiccups around the tip of the heart but I know with more practice it will only get better.

I already have a project in mind to get more practice.  So many things going on in my brain...I just have to do one at a time!

Hope you enjoyed my contribution to the #sewcrazychallenge and make sure you stay tuned for next month's! I can barely contain myself...

I'm horrible at this patience thing.

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  1. Wow, good job! You are getting to be a pro at this! haha, I think that Pepe's is going to be claiming the pillow as her own now ;)