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Feb 7, 2014

Book Reviews

In my past, reading used to be the death of me.  I not only couldn't STAND reading, it actually used to literally make me nauseous to read.  Assigned books in school were never read, text books were only used for examples or study questions, and reading for fun was NEVER in my vocabulary.

Once I graduated college and joined the computer nerds work force I found that reading was done for pleasure.  Like "reading a book a night" pleasure.  I just didn't understand it.  For years I said "reading gives me a head ache", "I can't ever find anything I like", "why would you want to do that for fun".

Finally in 2011 (which you can see from some of my older blog posts) I stumbled upon Chick Lit Plus.  It is a web site that specifically caters to the chick lit genre of reading.  When I did this, I stumbled upon the 2011 Reading Challenge and just KNEW this was going to be my way to get into ready.

With this challenge I started following blogs and I joined Good Reads to keep track of what I had completed and what I wanted to read.  Also at this time I tried to start a blog (Reading Rambling & Recipes) because I was so engulfed in the reading blogs I wanted to have my own.

Eventually, I received a book in the mail and to my shock I was being asked to do a book review!  How freaking awesome was this!! I was being asked to read new books and post my opinions!

Sadly my blog got pushed to the way side a few months later and I fell off of the radar for reviews, but I never stopped reading.  I purchased a Nook Color in 2012 and when it pooped out I got a Kindle Paper White (which I LOVE).

Since I have recently jumped back into the blog world (and plan to stay here this time) I decided to open my doors back up to doing book reviews.  I am not sure if this falls into the scope of "right brain" but I just can't pass up the idea of discovering new authors and helping them break into the massive world of reading.

And guess what?! Within 2 days of this blog being back up I have already been contacted by The Cadence Group to review an up and comping book by Debra McKenna.  I am so excited to receive it in the mail and get to reading.

Have you ever done a book review? Do you have a book you want reviewed?  What type of genres do you gravitate towards?  Feel free to reach out I'd love to talk books...


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