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Feb 11, 2014

Childhood memories

I thought I'd share some of my creative child memories.

My grandma was the one who introduced me to sewing & cooking.  My mom was an only child and to this day loathes even the thought of sewing.  She picked up the cooking interest once she got married, but I feel like the creative gene was passed on to me for the most part (at least I like to tell myself I'm crafty...trying is better than nothing right?).

1.  Cabbage Page Clothes
I clearly remember my first cabbage patch doll outfit I made.  It was a blue and white dress with ruffled sleeves.  It was the very first thing I made by myself.  I followed the pattern and everything. I was probably around 8 or 9.  This is what my memory brings up:

Except mine didn't have bloomers and my doll was way cuter :)

2.  Old Fashioned Dress made by hand.
In 6th grade when we had to do a play in drama and I was cased as an extra.  Believe me, this is where you wanted me.  Either that or back stage...way far from any kind of acting.  In this roll I had to wear a dress that fit into the 'old fashioned southern belle' theme.  I can't remember exactly what the play was, but I remember I was the only one that had a hand made, self designed, dress that my grandma made.  I remember helping her with bits a pieces and was so excited to show it off.  It looked something like this (color and all).

3.  French Toast.
Grandma and Grandpa's was the place to be if you loved french toast.  She would make it every morning and he would put loads of powdered sugar on top for us.  I remember the day she decided I was going to be the one to cook breakfast when I came to visit.  It is still a recipe I remember by heart and love to treat the boyf every once in a while when he has a sweet tooth.

Grandma's French Toast Recipe

She did not ever use measurements, just pours, pinches, and dabs.

You take eggs, milk, and vanilla and mix them in a bowl.  I always do about 3 eggs to a nice pour of milk and a drop of vanilla.

Take a few slices of bread and cut them in triangles.  Dip them in the egg mixture, both sides, and place them in a frying pan that you have pre-heated with a dab of butter.

Brown on one side before you flip to the other.  You want the it to be toasty not soggy.  This takes practice on knowing how hot to get the pan, how much to soak the bread, and how long to cook.  Practice makes perfect.

Continue until all bread is used. Throw any left over eggs in the pan and whip up some vanilla scrambled eggs.  You would be surprised how tasty they are.

Serve it all with a dash of powdered sugar on top and syrup to taste.

What are some of your childhood memories? I'd love to hear about them!!


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