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Jun 3, 2011

Summer Reading List

I was sent this blog post by a friend yesterday, he said hit reader suggested it to him, but he thought I would enjoy it more.

How to Create an Awesome Summer Reading List

I must say...he knows me well!!

I am really excited to check out all of the social book sites.  I am, well was very addicted but have slacked lately, to Goodreads.  I love how you can join groups with common book interests and get real reviews rather just depending on the sites that actually sell the books. I never know if those are true, or just a way for the site to get you to buy the book.  I have also found a group on Goodreads that swaps ebooks and that is an awesome way to save a little money and still get to use my Nook for reading.

BUT, the one thing that I am MOST excited about is the book recommendation thing!! I didn't even know it existed! I am always stressed about what I should read next because there are SO MANY that I want to read!! I am definitely going to be checking this site out ASAP!

Do you have any sites you use for reading suggestions?  You have anything about this article that excites?


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